Bet on the Super Bowl from Anywhere

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of the gridiron football season in the USA, and even those with no interest in American football will have heard of it. In the USA, Super Bowl Sunday has taken on the status of an unofficial national holiday, with friends and families getting together to enjoy a barbecue while they watch the game and cheer on their favourite teams.

As global satellite TV and 24-hour sports channels become more widespread, American football is winning more and more fans all over the world, so the Super Bowl Sunday phenomenon is spreading to many other countries as well. Those who enjoy wagering on sports are also being introduced to new opportunities: online and mobile sports betting sites make it possible for anyone, anywhere to bet on the game, anytime they like.

Just What is the Super Bowl?

For those completely unacquainted with gridiron football: officially, the Super Bowl is the championship match of the National Football League’s annual season. It is usually played in January or February, and unofficially, it has grown beyond a mere football match into a television extravaganza that lasts the whole day.

The Super Bowl half-time show has become legendary, with many giant corporations using the event to debut their latest eye-catching adverts to the television-watching multitudes. Live singing and dancing has become an expected part of this spectacular, with A-list artists like Lady Gaga and Beyoncé creating special choreography and special effects to wow the crowds. Oh, and in between all the fireworks and dazzling displays, two football teams go at it full-tilt for hours, in the quest to lift their sport’s most prestigious trophy.

Getting Started with Super Bowl Betting

Punters new to online sports betting will find it simple enough to get started. There are dozens of sports betting sites available online, and many also offer access via smartphone or tablet. Most of the world’s biggest land-based sports betting companies already have mobile and online presence, and many players feel more comfortable doing their Super Bowl betting with a name they know.

This is because these New Zealand NFL betting sites have already built solid reputations for treating punters fairly over years in their land-based betting shops, so the same reputation and business ethos is transferred to their online operations. However, even online sites with no land-based counterparts can be reputable establishments: it’s up to punters to check security encryption credentials and other safeguards for themselves, before they sign up for Super Bowl betting.

Live Streaming Also a Possibility

The top online betting sites never miss a chance to make themselves more attractive to punters. The latest draw-card the best operations have up their sleeves is live video streaming. Punters can actually watch the Super Bowl on their computer or mobile screens as it happens, on the same site where they place bets.

Not all bets relate to the game’s outcome. All kinds of other bets can be placed, relating to every variable from the final points spread to an individual player’s contribution. Some of these bets, and the odds they pay out, will be influenced by the progress of the game. So live streaming can help dedicated punters follow Super Bowl play as it happens, gathering the information they need to guide any further betting.