Playing the Stanley Cup Finals

The Stanley Cup Final, also known as the Stanley Cup Finals, is the championship series of the National Hockey Association (NHA) to determine the winner of the Stanley Cup, the oldest professional sports trophy existing in North America. The Stanley Cup Finals focuses on ice hockey.

Originally, the Stanley Cup was known as a challenge trophy. It was first awarded in 1893, and then the champions would hold on to the Cup until they lost the champion title to another club or another league would formally challenge them to play for the Cup. This was changed in 1915, when the Cup was officially competed for in an annual ice hockey championship series of both the NHA and the Pacific Coast Hockey Association (PCHA). This were merged in 1926, when the Cup came to represent the trophy of the NHL.

Currently, the Stanley Cup Finals operates as a best-of-seven series played between the Eastern Conferences and the Western Conferences, with the winner being rewarded the Stanley Cup.

Given the prestige of the Stanley Cup, the Stanley Cup Finals is a contested tournament for both ice hockey champions and sports bettors wishing to join in on the action.

Betting on Ice Hockey

Even though betting on the Stanley Cup Finals may be an exciting opportunity, actually betting on ice hockey is not necessarily an easy thing to do, and an even harder one to be successful at.

Types of Ice Hockey Bets

A popular bet in ice hockey is money line betting, referring to a head to head without handicap. However, since the team’s potential against the money line can be difficult to determine, to actual result is much more random and so betting on this one can prove to be difficult.

Sports bettors can instead choose to bet on the total number of goals scored by a team, or even both teams, in a game. This remains a popular choice, even though deciding on how many goals will be scored is largely up to chance. Most NHL series games have between five and seven goals.

Sports bettors are advised not to give too much attention to a team’s goal averages, even though knowledge about a team and their playing history is invaluable to betting decisions in general. Instead of focusing on averages, though, sports bettors should consider a team’s total goal occurrences, which will give them a much more realistic depiction of how a team can and mostly likely will play.

Choosing A Good Sports Book

As with all sports betting and major tournaments, it will help sports bettors to find a good sports book. Finding one with the right legal framework and safety and security mechanisms is of the utmost importance, but it is also beneficial for sports bettors to find a sports bookie that mirrors their priorities. A sports bookie that specialises on ice hockey or the Stanley Cup Finals, for instance, is a good option.

Even so, sports bettors should focus on ice hockey betting bookies with a good reputation that provide all the required information of placing bets as well as tips and guides to placing bets and winning. It will help if a sports book aids their bettors by calculating odds and probabilities, and helping bettors make the best decisions possible.