5 Ways To Win: Horse Racing Betting

Any person living in New Zealand and Australia has at least heard about horse racing, if not placed a few bets on the major events. It is, after all, more or less a tradition for people living in the region to have some sort of relationship with horse racing. Australia is, after all, the horse capital of the world.

But for a person who has never ventured into the world of horse racing, it can all seem very confusing, especially from an outside perspective. Horse racing can be rather complicated, and for those that take it seriously, it can be an all consuming way of life. For an amateur enthusiast, however, one look at the lists of specifics and details can be enough to put a person off completely.

Don’t worry, though, a person can take part in horse racing, and win, by simply taking note of 5 basic concepts.

  1. Pay Attention To Odds

The world of betting is based around odds, and horse racing is no different. Odds are not only a representation of how likely a horse is to win, but also of how much money will be paid out if a bet on those odds is successful. High odds mean a horse is less likely to win, such as 1/10, while low odds indicate a horse more likely to win, such as 1/2. By analysing odds, a bet maker can get a pretty good idea of how a racing event might turn out.

Likewise keep in mind that betting is a game of risk versus reward, so the more risk involved, the greater the payouts. A $10 bet on high 1/10 odds will result in a $100 payout.

Of course, odds are not a guarantee of which horses will win or less either, simply a guideline.

  1. Horse Statistics

Most online bookmakers provide information about horses involved in races, or the information can be found elsewhere online. Pay attention to how well a horse has been running in recent events, and compare it to the assigned odds. Does it seem likely that this horse will win, or at least place in the top 3?

  1. Betting Combinations

It is not required to bet on a single horse to win. There are a number of betting options available, which greatly increase the chances of getting at least some money back, if not a huge win. Investigate betting option, and increase the chances of walking away with money in your pocket.

  1. Read Tips

Many bookmakers offer free tips, written by professionals of the industry. Read these tips, and pat attention to what they suggest. But remember they are now always 100% accurate.

  1. Discuss In Online Forums

There are many online groups dedicated to discussing horse racing events, and all are populated by average bet makers. Such forums are excellent places to learn more about horse racing events, and get insights into how races are likely to run out. Joining such forums is a great way to get deeper insight into horse racing as a while.